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Some of the records Herbie has played on are listed below. Most of these recordings can be found on YouTube (or catch a free snippet on iTunes).

Discography Snippets

1.   The Long And Winding Road

2.   No More Lonely Nights

3.   Whole Lotta Love

4.   The Banner Man

5.   Eloise

6.   Space Oddity

7.   Thank U Very Much

8.   Grandad

9.   Melting Pot

10. Toccata

11. Dandy In The Underworld

12. Rock On

13. Peter Gunn

14. Perfect Day

15. Take A Walk On The Wild Side

16. Coconut

17. Rebel Rebel

18. Hurt By Love

19. Jump Into The Fire

20. Westway

21. Soul Of My Suit - Top Of The Pops

22. Eve Of The War

23. The Italian Job - Michael Caine

24. A Perfect Day

25. Make You Mine

26. Tuba Smarties

27. The Long Good Friday

28. Wringing Applause

29. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

30. Beautiful Memories

31. Sir Percy Thrillington

32. Forever Autumn

33. Sportsnight Theme Tune

34. Stop And Smell The Roses

35. Burn Down The Mission

36. SKY At Westminster Abbey (DVD)

(Paul McCartney)

(Give My regards To Broad Street)


(Blue Mink)

(Barry Ryan)

(David Bowie)


(Clive Dunn)

(Blue Mink)


(T. Rex)

(David Essex)

(Pink Panther - Henry Mancini)

(Lou Reed - Transformer)

(Lou Reed - Transformer)

(Harry Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson)

(David Bowie)

(Chris Spedding)

(Nilsson Schmilsson)


(T. Rex 1977)

(Jeff Wayne's 'The War of the Worlds')

(Quincey Jones' Original Film Score)

(Lou Reed - Transformer)

(Rumpelstiltskin 1970)


(Frances Monkman - Original Film Score)

(B. A. Robertson)

(George Harrison & Jools Holland)

(Bing Crosby)

(Paul McCartney)

(Justin Hayward - 'The War Of The Worlds')

(Tony Hatch)

(Ringo Starr)

(Elton John Tumbleweed Connection)

(Cherry Red Records)